Orange Heirloom Tomatoes

Orange ya gonna try me?

ORANGE TOMATOES….For years I have grown and saved seed from the Russian Persimmon. It’s a huge ugly beefsteak that when ripe resembles the texture and colour of a persimmon. Last year I tried another orange and it tasted even better. This year I am sampling some more such as Indian Moon, Kellogg’s  Breakfast, Dr. Wychee’s Yellow (ripens to orange and rocks your taste buds!) Valencia from Spain and the creme de la creme is Jaune Flamme from France. A fantastic 2″ round superb amazing tasting little gem.

It is great on its own or add fresh squeezed

Orange Bruschetta

garlic and green basil with lemon juice and olive oil as a raw salad.  I made an all  white tomato and all orange tomato bruschetta. It  has a good tomato taste just like the red but it looks so wonderful and different! For a large beefsteak my second choice is Dr. Wychee’s yellow good old-fashioned tomato taste and a nice firm tomato. I love the Indian Moon and Cherokee Purple because of how long they have been grown and the Indian heritage  connection.  The orange tomatoes also look stunning in a pasta or lettuce salad.

Orange tomatoes also have lycopene (antioxidant) which is benefical to your health. It is what gives the red tomatoes their colour. All tomatoes eaten fresh and raw, if grown organicaly and especially the heirlooms are loaded with a full nutrition package. Vine ripened and this time of year is the only time you can build up your reserve energy and your natural immunity.       

Orange Orange

Today tried a new recipe. Sliced the small 2″ round tomatoes in half, scooped out pulp and seeds. Put small spoonful of goat cream cheese with basil. Better than GOOD!   

Persimmon Orange Heirloom


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